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About The Ona Group

The Ona Group is a group of business ventures based in Malta, that represents a number of leading business concerns in the hospitality, development and the marketing and distribution of a vast array of renowned brands.

The Group is spearheaded by Cliona Muscat, a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the management of a number of international brands such as Women’s Secret, Springfield, Pedro de Hierro and Cortefiel.

In addition, Cliona manages a team of people who are involved in the retail environment, the distribution network as well as the Sales & Marketing functions. The Ona Group’s Executive Management team includes a number of business professionals coming from Finance, Business Administration, Hospitality and Marketing.

The Group, via its subsidiary International Fashion, also owns the franchise rights of a number of international high-street brands including Springfield, Women’s Secret, Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro.

With a vision to growing its future, whilst extending the business ventures it operates within and looking beyond the domestic market, the Group is now offering the Maltese consumer an exciting opportunity to be part of its growth.

Our Founder


George Muscat started his property development and construction business in the 1970s. Over the years, Mr Muscat has embarked on a variety of development projects, from single block residential apartments to large projects including Fort Cambridge in Sliema. George Muscat is a shareholder and director of several companies which do not form part of the Group, but which are involved in the construction, property development, and real estate business, including Gap Holdings Limited (C 27803) which has undertaken various property developments.

As at the date of this Registration Document, under the leadership of Mr Muscat, the GAP Group of companies has built a considerable portfolio of residential and commercial developments at prices which service all sectors of the market. George Muscat is also a director and the ultimate beneficial holder of 50% of the share capital of Bay Street Holdings Limited (C 12058) which owns, manages, and operates the Bay Street Entertainment Complex in Paceville, St Julian’s. The Bay Street Entertainment Complex has today evolved into an entertainment hub with more than 70 retail outlets, restaurants, a language school, a 4-star hotel and a 5-star hotel.

The Board of Directors

Ms Cliona Muscat

Executive Director of the Issuer and Director of the Guarantors

Mr Alfred Attard

Independent Non-Executive Director of the Issuer

Mr Francis X Gouder

Independent Non-Executive Director of the Issuer

Dr Ann Marie Agius

Independent Non-Executive Director of the Issuer
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